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Destroyers of All - Bleak Fragments

Destroyers of All - Bleak Fragments

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When a band promises to deliver a blend of progressive death metal while setting foot on thrash, groove and black metal, it’s only natural for a fan to feel suspicious. Enter Destroyers of All’s “Bleak Fragments”, an album that even raises the bar a notch, even setting feet on thin ice like jazzy, atmospheric and other mood swing moments. Before you listen to the album, you’re wondering “do they pull it off?”, but after a few spins of “Bleak Fragments”, you might as well be asking “how do they pull this off?”.

What really sets Destroyers of All’s work apart is how they craft actual songs amidst all the tempo changes, the complexity of the guitar riffs, the bitterness imprinted on the vocal delivery and the intricate bass phrasings. It’s their secret weapon, and a well honed one. Give this record a fair shot, and you’ll be humming to parts of it in no time.

CD in Jewel case with 8 page booklet with all the lyrics included!

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