About Us

Mosher Clothing creates great and affordable merchandise for metalheads worldwide.

Since 2014, we aim to deliver killer items designed to meet the high standards of fellow metalheads worldwide... built to last and resist the "good friendly violent fun" that only a moshpit can create! 

We've seen numerous fans and bands* proudly wearing our products. Thank you all for the support and pride in wearing this brand. 

You're a mosher, wear a Mosher!

Artists that wore Mosher on and off the stage (not endorsements!):

  • Max Cavalera (Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy, ex-Sepultura)
  • Suicide Silence (USA)
  • Phil Anselmo (Pantera, Down, Superjoint Ritual, Scour, etc.)
  • Exodus (USA)
  • The Haunted (Sweden)
  • Venom
  • Sodom (Germany)
  • Tankard (Germany)
  • Destruction (Germany)
  • Entombed AD (Sweden)
  • Krisiun (Brazil)
  • Vektor (USA)
  • Decapitated (Poland)
  • Suicidal Angels (Greece)
  • Brujeria (Mexico)
  • Nervosa (Brazil)
  • Dagoba (France)
  • Angelus Apatrida (Spain)
  • Dr. Living Dead (Sweden)
  • Bonded by Blood (USA)
  • Gama Bomb (Wales)
  • Desecration (Wales)
  • Crisix (Spain)
  • Extreme Noise Terror (England)
  • Gatecreeper
  • Havok (USA)
  • Acid Reign (UK)
  • Night In Gales (Germany)
  • Lich King (USA)
  • Bio-Cancer (Greece)
  • Chronosphere (Greece)
  • Warfect (Sweden)
  • Revolution Within (Portugal)
  • Mindtaker (Portugal)
  • Display of Power (Spain)
  • Analepsy (Portugal)
  • Holocausto Canibal (Portugal)
  • Shattered Sun (USA)
  • Blackning (Brazil)
  • Rotten Sound (Finland)
  • Ultra-Violence (Italy)
  • Violator (Brazil)
  • Semen (Mexico)
  • Ratos de Porão (Brazil)
  • Bellako (Spain)
  • Municipal Waste (USA)
  • Eruption (Slovenia)
  • Bloodhunter (Spain)
  • Warbringer (USA)
  • Switchtense (Portugal)
  • Tales for the Unspoken (Portugal)
  • Terror Empire (Portugal)
  • Burn Damage (Portugal)
  • ...and many more!