Suicidal Angels reveal new song - Mosher shirt spotted on video!

It's always wonderful to find support from our favorite bands. When greek thrashers Suicidal Angels revealed the first videoclip for the upcoming album "Years of Aggression", and we saw a Mosher Clothing shirt being worn, we went crazy!

The song is called "Born of Hate" and it's awesome, as you'd expect from Suicidal Angels. Their thrash has always being consistent over the years, and this one is yet another kick-ass, no-nonsense metal delivered into your headbanging skull!

The new album comes out in August and you can pre-order it here. Watch the video below:

Years Of Aggression tracklisting:
"Endless War"
"Born Of Hate"
"Years Of Aggression "
"Bloody Ground"
"D.I.V.A "
"From All The One"
"Order Of Death"
"The Roof Of Rats"
"The Sacred Dance With Chaos"

Suicidal Angels - Years of Aggression

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