[VIDEO] Metallica debuts "Lux AEterna" (...on second attempt)

[VIDEO] Metallica debuts "Lux AEterna" (...on second attempt)

Gotta love how Metallica stays true to their garage band vibe, even though they're one of the biggest bands to have ever graced the rock and roll universe.

Whether it's having a HUGE stage and only using a small area to play (this last tour as an example), or simply stopping a song to make play the right way... they do it their own life. As the lyrics for "Escape" warned us about.

That's exactly what happened during the debut of their newest single "Lux Aeterna" at their Helping Hands solidarity concert. Something was off on the drums ( :D ) and Lars had to stop. The band resumed and played the song for the first time. We can't wait for the full "72 Seasons" album.

Watch the video:

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