"We’re not faking. We are Havok." - Reece Scruggs Interview

"We’re not faking. We are Havok." - Reece Scruggs Interview

It’s been a week since the release of Havok's new album, "V". The Colorado-based thrashers released their fifth album on May 1st via Century Media Records, and we absolutely love it. The Mosher Blog now presents you a short interview with lead guitarist Reece Scruggs, who took the time to answer to our questions. Here we go...

How have been the reactions so far?

Incredibly positive so far, and that makes me extremely happy. We knew we had a good record on our hands, but the reaction so far has lead us to believe it’s a bit better than we thought. We’re proud of it.

What drove the creativity behind the album? Were you aiming to do something different from the previous records?

We’re always into the idea of pushing ourselves, however it’s still us. It’s undeniably Havok. This one is more centered around good song writing, solid structures, and super cohesiveness.


Reece Scruggs of Havok on Mosher Clothing Blog - Thrash Metal

What’s your favorite tune off V?

"Phantom Force". I say that because it’s the first full blown tune that I’ve written for the band and it was pretty much unaltered from the start to its final form. However, "Don’t Do It" is creepin’ up there, "Fear Campaign", "Cosmetic Surgery", and "Post Truth Era".

"We’re not faking. We are Havok."
- Reece Scruggs

“Don’t do it” is very different from any song on the Havok catalogue. Yet, it sounds like Havok, 100%. How do you manage to pull that off?

Being the real McCoy, ya know? Being genuine and true to who we are. If you’re being real with yourselves and your audience it’s gonna shine through no matter what you try. We’re not playin’ a part, we’re not faking. We are Havok.

How do you see the music and touring business in the near/medium future?

I don’t see it happening at all for a long while, unfortunately. As sad as it is, the state of the world can’t handle people gathering in large groups for the foreseeable future, and we’ve gotta do what’s right for everything to return to a normal pace. We miss everyone. We can’t wait until the day comes and we can play for you guys again.

Advertising - Mosh Like it's 1986 (Mosher Clothing)

What's on your playlist?

Decapitated - Nihility
Hank Williams Jr. - Whiskey Bent and Hellbound
Pantera - Far Beyond Driven
Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru - Podcast
Danny Gatton - Unfinished Business
Megadeth - Rust In Peace
Johnny Paycheck - Take This Job and Shove It
Kiss - Dynasty
Disgraceland - Podcast
Johnny Cash - Live From Folsom Prison
Bonus* 11 - The Jasta Show - Podcast)

The usual "word to your fans" request!

Thank you for the continued support. Pick up “V” anywhere you can [NR: you can get it here]! Hope to see you as soon as possible!

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