Watch Vogg from Decapitated play "Blessed" (from his Quarantine Metal Challenges)


Decapitated's guitarrist Wacław "Vogg" Kiełtyka recently posted a Facebook video of him playing one of his first songs, and - holy sh*t - look at that right hand! The video from the guitarrist who currently is also playing in Machine Head is a part of a series of "Quarantine Metal Challenges", and the video caption was the following:

20 years ago the „Winds of creation” album was released.
We were 4 teens who wanted to be the most technical,heavy and fast metal dudes on the world.
Really great times and memories I have from those days.
The song „Blessed” was the 6th song I have made (the original version was released on demo „The Eye of Horus” in 1998).
Stay home and stay safe 🤘

We love Decapitated, and we love just as much the fact that Vogg played with a Mosher Clothing trucker hat. Thank you!

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