Thrash metal albums we can't wait to hear in 2021

Thrash metal albums we can't wait to hear in 2021

2020 was one of the worst years we can remember... but not for thrash metal. We had plenty of great records. To name a few: Havok, Harlott, Annihilator, Sepultura, Testament, Warbringer... and many more. Can 2021 top it?

We made a list of bands who are - most likely - going to release high quality thrash metal, this year. Without further ado, and in no particular order... here they are:


Evile New Album 2021

While it has passed more than 7 years since the release of their latest album Skull, it's time for the next music piece from Evile, in 2021. Oh, and Ol Drake is now the singer. Can't say we're not curious about that! Stay tuned.


Exodus - Persona Non Grata

"Persona Non Grata" should be released in June via Nuclear Blast Records. Gary is back from Slayer, and we finally get a new Exodus record. 


Vio-Lence new album 2021

Also thrashing from San Francisco, Vio-lence is finally back! Sean Killian is recovered from health issues, and Phil Demmel surely has some signature-intricate riffs to release on the new record. The EP is being recorded as we type this...


Megadeth Dave Mustaine new album 2021

We're major Mustaine fans, so this is a great year for us and all droogies out there. Also recovered from health issues, Dave Mustaine is back and we can't wait to hear the new drummer Dirk Verbeuren on record.


Metallica new album 2021

Lars said the band was a few weeks into "some serious writing". We'll see if the metal giants will still release the follow up to "Hardwired" (which is already 4 years old) in 2021!

Angelus Apatrida

Spanish thrashers Angelus Apatrida keep releasing solid records, and surely deserve WAY more recognition from thrash metal fans worldwide. So, while the new self-titled record isn't released, make sure you check out their discography (and that includes a single from the upcoming record).


It was a great day when we found out Vektor had reunited, but it was even better to hear new music from them, a few weeks ago! It won't be in a full-length, but a split with dutch band Cryptosis, named "Transmissions of Chaos". Lets call it an appetizer before the full prog-thrash-metal meal!


After the chaos of line-up changes in the Nervosa camp, comes "Perpetual Chaos", the upcoming release. Featuring the very talented Diva Satanica on vocals, we can say we're in for a death-thrash metal treat.

Pitch Black

Portuguese thrashers Pitch Black sure take their time for each release. And what can we say? It's always worth the wait... but we wonder if we get a full-length in 2021! Listen to the newest music from the "Bastards United" split, released in 2020.

Municipal Waste

Municipal Waste New Album 2021

Crossover thrash veterans Municipal Waste were recently in the studio tracking material for a new album and follow-up to 2017's Slime and Punishment. We'll it see the light of day in 2021? We sure hope so!

Flotsam and Jetsam

Flotsam and Jetsam 2021

As the band posted on Facebook recently: "To all our fans, followers and supporters, we wish absolutely nothing but the best in 2021...including a new relentless studio album from us! Stay healthy, stay metal and raise those glasses!"

So... what is the record you're more looking forward to, in 2021? Did we forget about any release? Comment below and don't forget to check out our metal merch! Click below to get it!

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