The best thrash metal albums of 2020... so far! (Listen here!)

The best thrash metal albums of 2020... so far! (Listen here!)

The year is 2020, and metal is alive and kicking. Or should we say alive and thrashing? Everybody knows the new Havok and Warbringer albums are out, but there's a lot going on in thrash-zone... We present you a list of thrash metal albums you absolutely SHOULD check out and recommend to your metalhead friends.

Just a reminder: we haven't event reached the second half of the year... not everything is bad in 2020! In - absolutely - no specific order, here we go...

Warbringer - Weapons of Tomorrow

Havok - V

Testament - Titans of Creation

Advertising - Mosh Like it's 1986 (Mosher Clothing)

Hazzerd - Delirium

Schizophrenia - Voices (EP)

Assassin - Bestia Immundis

Advertising - Thrash Bloody Thrash T-shirt (Mosher Clothing)

Total Annihilation - ...on Chains of Doom

Surgical Strike - Part of a Sick World

Grindpad - Violence

Advertising - Thrash Classic Logo T-shirt (Mosher Clothing)

Reducer - Reducer

Butcher - 666 Goats Carry My Chariot

Reactory - Collapse to Come

Advertising - Retro Thrash T-shirt (Mosher Clothing)

3000AD - The Void

Annihilator - Ballistic, Sadistic

Decimator - Alienist

Advertising - Thrash Metal Maniac T-shirt (Mosher Clothing)

Metalium - Tenebris 

So... did we miss any interesting release? If so, comment and give us a hand: we can't get a hold of everything! Also, don't forget to check out our other articles from the blog... lots of great lists to enjoy.

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I miss Onslaught – Generation Antichrist in this list. My favorite album of 2020!


Great list mate! But I would love to see Vader’s latest record too! That one definitely deserve a spot among the best ones of 2020


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