Essential thrash metal albums from bands formed since 2000

Essential thrash metal albums from bands formed since 2000

The year 2000 was already TWENTY years ago. Let that sink in. Thrash metal went kind of M.I.A. from the mid-90’s, and turned “unfashionable” for over ten years. Legendary bands broke up. Oh well, music isn’t immune to cycles - and neither is thrash metal, of course!

Fast forward to today and now we can gladly say there’s more great albums from bands formed after the year 2000 than we can fit in a short list. Ain’t this awesome?

So... we picked up a “few” ones for your listening pleasure. Some of the names will be obvious, but others might surprise you. We think these are all GREAT ALBUMS for thrash metal fans of any age. Don’t forget to check out other albums by the same bands and comment with your favorites and suggestions... and allow us to spread the word about our own awesome merch!

Here we go... in no specific order: 

Power Trip - Nightmare Logic (2017)

Evile - Five Serpents Teeth (2011)

Municipal Waste - The Art of Partying (2007)

Advertising - Mosh Like it's 1986 (Mosher Clothing)

Warbringer - Waking Into Nightmares (2009)

Mindtaker - Toxic War (2020) - (Buy here!)

Suicidal Angels - Division of Blood (2016)

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Game Over - For Humanity (2015)

Blackning - Order of Chaos (2014)

Havok - Time is Up (2011)

Violator - Chemical Assault (2007)

Here's a sound off that album. But we want to show you cool clips, too, so:

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Lazarus A.D. - The Onslaught (2009)

Angelus Apatrida - Hidden Evolution (2014)

Chronosphere - Embracing Oblivion (2013)

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Ultra-Violence - Privilege to Overcome (2013)

Vektor - Terminal Redux (2016)

Bio-cancer - Tormenting the Innocent (2015)

Toxic Holocaust.- Chemistry of Consciousness (2013)

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Fueled by Fire - Spread the Fire (2006)

Harlott - Extinction (2017)

Gama Bomb - Speed Between the Lines (2019)

Eruption - Cloaks Of Oblivion (2017)

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Dust Bolt - Mass Confusion (2016)

Lich King - The Omniclasm (2017)

Dr. Living Dead - Crush the Sublime Gods (2015)

Strikeback - The Plague (2018)

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Extinction A.D. - FaithKiller (2015)

Revocation - Teratogenesis (EP) (2012)

Crisix - The Menace (2011)

Bonded by Blood - Exhiled to Earth (2010)

Warfect - Scavengers (2016)


What did you think of this list? Maybe we should make another one in the future, since the scene is SO DAMN RICH. Comment below and share this!

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Long time thrasher here, I have to say this list really shreds!!!


made this list on my YouTube channel, thanks for this


Thanks Mosher !!! here it is the playlist on Spotify in the same order.
thrashin’ all around

Paulo Costa

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