[Listen] That time Chuck Billy auditioned for Sepultura

[Listen] That time Chuck Billy auditioned for Sepultura

Back in 1996, things were different. Very different. It's hard to imagine thrash titans Testament not being active, but that's how it was, and Sepultura were in dire need to replace charismatic Max Cavalera. Chuck Billy went for it, and auditioned for a spot in the brazilian legends' line-up. 

"Yeah, around that time was right before the 'Demonic' record, so we had finished our Atlantic contract, and we were shopping for a new deal," Chuck told Eonmusic. "We didn't really have a deal yet, and at the last minute, I just said, 'You know what? Maybe I should try to find a band that's solid, that's going to keep touring and continue on,' and at that point, Sepultura was taking auditions, and I think it was at the end [of the audition process] that I decided, 'Screw it, I'm going to do it.' I think I did three songs; I did 'Refuse/Resist', I did 'Territory', and I wrote my version of 'Choke', and gave it to them. But by the time I had delivered, they had already made their decision for [the appointment of new singer] Derrick [Green], which in the end, was probably the way it all should have worked out."

Andreas Kisser explained the band's choice back in the day: "You know, he's Chuck Billy; he's Testament. We wanted somebody new.", he told, during a  Jamey Jasta's podcast interview.

Did you ever listened to it? Here's a short snippet that shows what could have been. 

And, while we're at it, listen to "Common Bonds", sung by Andreas Kisser himself:

Did you know about this? Luckily, we have a great Testament back, awesome Sepultura records - and don't forget the solid Cavalera music on several projects!

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