Free Ultraje Compilation #2 with every order!

Free Ultraje Compilation #2 with every Mosher Clothing order!

We've teamed up with Ultraje Magazine and we will be giving away their first compilation for free, with every order! 

Full tracklist:

1. Dementia 13 [PT] “Room 36”, from the album “Ways Of Enclosure”, (Memento Mori)
[death metal]

2. Sonneillon [PT] “Black Empire & Hellish Fire”, from the split  “Eradication Of The Human Plague”, (Underground Longhorns Records)
[black / death metal]

3. A Sickness Unto Death [DE] “The Uniqueness Of Two”, from the album “The Great Escape”
[doom metal]

4. Sekoria [DE] “Die Nachtigall”, from the album “Im Reich der Schatten”, (Kernkraftritter Records)
[epic black metal]

5. Matubes [BG] “Left Hand Path”, from the EP “The Return Of Black Metal”, (Distribution Of Pain)
[black metal]

6. Dauden [NO] “My Soul Will Be Damned Forever”, from the same-titled album 
[black metal]

7. A Flourishing Scourge [US] “Of The Tormented And Sick”, from the EP “As Beauty Fades Away“, (Begotten Records)
[progressive black / death]

8. Haiduk [CA] “Syth”, from the album “Demonicon“
[melodic death / black]

9. Absorb [DE] “Los Muertos de Hambre”, from the EP “Vision Apart”
[death metal]

10. Kingkeporkak [CZ] “Detachment”, from the same-titled album
[sludge / hardcore]

11. Urðun [IS] “Morbid Funeral Ritual”, from the demo “Horror & Gore”
[death metal]

12. Thrashole [US] “Solitary Confinement”, from the EP “Blasphemy”
[thrash metal]

13. Temple Of Dust [IT] “Requiem For The Sun”, from the album “Hz Of The Unheard”
[psychedelic doom/ stoner]

14. Vinegar Hill [AT] “The Ominous Needs”, from the album “Monophobia”
[melodic death metal]

15. Carnival of Flesh [RS] “The Pact”, from the album “Stories From A Fallen World”
[symphonic black metal]

16. Veristi [FI] “Piru Rivien Välissä”, from the EP “Musta Sielu”
[melodic death metal]

17. Silvaticus [NL] “State Of Disgrace”, from the same-titled album
[heavy metal]

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