New song from the next Mutant album is pretty rad! Listen here.

Mutant (spanish band from Santiago de Compostela) release new song "Alcione"

Spanish metalheads Mutant (formerly known as Mutant Squad) have released the first song off their upcoming album "Pleiades", called "Alcione".

Not only the song kicks ass, the concept behind the album/song is also pretty killer, too. "According to the maya cosmology, our solar system rotates around Alcione, the central star of the Pleiades, in a 26,000 year period. Alcione is the center of all creation, the origin of life as we know it" we learned through their facebook page.

We asked the frontman Pla Vinseiro about the new direction this song reveals, and here's what we got:

"We experimented with all kinds of new sounds for us on the new album. Not for any particular reason, we just did what it felt right for us in each song. The album has a couple of thrashy songs that relate more to the previous album but also some numbers that have almost only melodic vocals. We never though about if it was thrashy or not, we just felt free to do what we pleased and implement all these new things we have learnt as musicians in the last couple of years."


Ain't nothing wrong about that - this new song is quality music!

Mutant will be at our very own Mosher Fest in Coimbra, Portugal, on the 14th of November. More info on that right here.

You can help finance their new album via their official crowdfunding page, right crowdfunding page.

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