New documentary "The History of Metal and Horror" is all you can guess from its title

The History of Metal and Horror

The History of Metal and Horror is a documentary which explores the history of heavy metal music, horror films, and how the two genres have merged together over time. 

Various metal artists share their greatest fears, favorite horror films, their influences, and much more. Horror film icons also discuss how their films have influenced the horror genre, their connections to metal artists, and why metal and horror work together.
Directed by Mike Schiff, produced by Robert Lucas and with the Brian Slagel taking as Executive Producer, the documentary features interviews with folks from the metal world such as Kirk Hammett, Alice Cooper, Corey Taylor, Jonathan Davis, Charlie Benante  and plenty more!
The documentary is currently in production, and you can help it become a real thing with a donation, right here. Check out the official trailer below:
PS: Guess who's in charge of the music? Richard effin' Christy, from Death/Iced Earth/ Charred Walls of the Damned!
Official website:
Artwork by Brian Allen.
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