Free Ultraje compilation CD with every order!

We've teamed up with Ultraje Magazine and we will be giving away their first compilation for free, with every order!

Full tracklist:

1. SKYFORGER [LV] “The Black Sails”, from the album “Senprūsija”.
[pagan, folk black metal]
2. DESTROYERS OF ALL [PT] “Hate Through Violence”, from the yet-to-be-released new album.
[death / groove metal]
3. HUMAN DESOLATION [SE] “Fear And Loathing”, from the album “Mind Grind Paradigm”
[melodic death metal]
4. TERROR EMPIRE [PT] “The Route Of The Damned”, from the album “The Empire Strikes Black”
[thrash metal]
5. ZGARD [UA] “Land Of Legends”, from the upcoming “Totem” album (radio edit).
[pagan metal]
6. EMERGING CHAOS [PT] “Rest In Hell”, from the EP “The Decay Of Mankind”
[thrash / death metal]
7. ILLNESS [NO / PL] “Dødskyggen”, from the EP “Trumna”
[black metal]
8. BOOBY TRAP [PT] “Out To Die”, from the album “Survival“
[thrash metal / crossover]
9. ARCHEMORON [GR] “Ancient Callings”, from the album “Sulphur And Fire“
[black metal]
10. QUINTETO EXPLOSIVO [PT] “Queres Caralho Vai Ao Talho”, from the album “Hinos Politicamente Incorretos“ [death metal acéfalo]
11. ROTEM [PT] “Necrosis”, from the EP “Nightmare Forever“
[prog black / death metal]
12. KARUNIIRU [PT] “A Breeze After Armageddon”, from the album “Junkie Lollita“
[metal / electro / industrial]
13. AEVERON [DE] “Never Led Astray”, from the album “VVD – Destination Annihilation”
[melodic death metal] facebook
14. KEVEL [GR] “Pavlova”, from the album “Hz Of The Unheard”
[sludge / post-metal]
15. MELLEVON [CA] “The Quiet Light”, from the album “Solace”
[melodic death metal]
16. YGODEH [LV] “Morbid”, from the album “Inside The Womb Of Horizonless Dystopia”
[technical death metal] ygodeh

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