Mosher Matters #2: Interview with Mauro Gonzalez from Bonded by Blood

BONDED BY BLOOD having a good time in Czech Republic. Photo credit: Ivan Dzugan (

After the first interview with Trevor Strnad from The Black Dahlia Murder (read here), we continue with our series of "Mosher Matters" interviews with people from the metal scene worldwide. Our second guest is Mauro Gonzalez, vocalist for Bonded by Blood, one of the most popular bands of the thrash metal revival movement. Mosher and Bonded by Blood met in SWR Barroselas 2014, and they became one of the first international acts to wear Mosher t-shirts on stage, which was awesome! Lets start the interrogation...

Are you a mosher? When was the last time you joined the mosh pit?
I am definitely a mosher. And last time i joined the mosh pit was for a thrash band called Condition Critical on saturday before I left Full Terror Assault. Obviously I'll be moshing at tonight's show with Revocation, Cannabis Corpse and Black Fast. I mosh at almost every show I go to.

How would you tell anyone from outside the metal scene that moshing actually makes sense?
It's always fun to explain the art of moshing to others, sometimes head banging and yelling "fuck yes" is just not enough to express how much you are enjoying the music.

Wall of death; are you into it or has it been done to death, already?
Honestly, I have only been in a few walls of death. It's not done very often in America, so when i have the chance I'm right there.

If you had to pick a moshing anthem, what song would it be?
I cannot simply pick one song as an anthem for moshing, because some many songs make want to go crazy; but, definitely "Kill on Command" by Vio-lence or "Slam Anthem" by Gama Bomb.

"I mosh at almost every show I go to." - Mauro


What’s your all-time Top-5 of albums (any genre)?
Top-5 albums are always rotating as it depends on what I'm listening to at the time and what mood I'm in; but Motorhead's "Ace of Spades" is always in there. I've been really into Witchaven - "Blood Sacrifice" lately, of course. Also, Exodus - "Bonded by Blood", At the Gates - "Slaughter of the Soul" and (last, but not least) - Warbringer - "Empires Collapse".

When can we expect the new Bonded by Blood album? what’s the status of the recording process, as of today?
As far as the new album, you can expect faster and heavier vocals from my end as I have been singing for a melodic death metal band from Columbia called Headcrusher for the past year, so there will definitely be a lot more power in my vocal deliver.

We cannot wait for it! Thank you, Mauro!

Bonded by Blood - Facebook. Members: Mauro Gonzalez - Vocals; Juan Juarez - Guitar; Carlos Regalado - Drums; Jessie Sanchez - Bass.
Photo credit: Ivan Dzugan (
Photo credit for "featured" image on frontpage: OATH Photography by Alison Richards (site, facebook).



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